NWT Species at Risk List adds the wood bison

The term of a "species at risk" listing is 10 years. (Supplied by NWT Species at Risk Committee.)
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The wood bison has been added to the Northwest Territories List of Species at Risk.

The wood bison are being considered a threatened species.

There will be a mandatory strategy put in place in the next 2 years to begin to protect their numbers.

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Robert C. McLeod, says the listing means a strategy must be made in order to maintain healthy animals in the Northwest Territories:

“Wood bison face a number of serious threats in the Northwest Territories, including infectious diseases, predation, human-caused mortality and habitat loss.”

Overall, the population of the wood bison in the NWT is small, sitting at roughly 2 500 animals total, which is a sharp decline of what the numbers previously were.

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