City of Yellowknife reminds canoe owners to buy tags for government dock

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Yellowknife, NWT – The city of Yellowknife has a message for anybody planning to store their canoe at the government dock in Old Town: you must have a canoe tag for this year.

The city’s Director of Planning and Development, Jeff Humble, says the area will be monitored starting on Thursday to ensure users are respecting the pay-per-use system.

He adds there is a fee to purchase a tag.

“$200 which is essentially a storage fee for the full year. The fee is established in our fees and charges based upon other uses that are established for other forms of storage.”

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We asked Humble what would happen if a canoe doesn`t have a renewed tag.”

“I’m pretty confident the city will be conducting reviews to make sure people are adhering to this and for those that don’t, this is essentially the same as a parking violation of a vehicle. We encourage everyone to comply.”

Humble says tags can be purchased at City Hall`s Customer Service desk.

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