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#CampDay an unexpected success for Yellowknife location

Suzanne Desfosses wasn’t even sure if she would be participating this year.

The numbers for the Yellowknife Tim Hortons location suggest otherwise.

Tim Hortons’ Camp Day has a history of being done big in Yellowknife. According to Desfosses, the location still holds a record  with over $21,000.

Most stores raise around $2000-3000,” Desfosses said. “It’s been six years but we still hold the record across and when we said that we raised over $21,000, [head office] thought it was a typo. They called us saying, ‘did you put an extra zero in there?'” Nope, Yellowknifers just love their coffee.

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It’s been widely known as the location that might serve the most coffee-per-capita in the country.

This Camp Day was supposed to be different, though.

We usually have a bigger presentation. We weren’t sure how this would coincide with our expected construction.

The location is going into construction in early August. They’ll luckily be opening a second location around the same time, in the downtown area.

Yellowknifers just love their coffee.

Even with the uncertainty this year, Desfosses and her staff were still able to raise over $8,000.

It’s not quite our usual haul, but it’s still impressive. We usually send 4 kids to camps with the amount we raise. It’s hard to hit those numbers every year, but we’re proud of what we raised.

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