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More ‘Angels’ needed for snow removal in Yellowknife

Demand is way up for a helping hand for Yellowknife’s Snow Angels program, but many have been left out in the cold.

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The City of Yellowknife’s Snow Angels program matches the elderly and those who are not physically able to clear snow themselves with someone who can.

Over 28 requests for snow removal were made to the volunteer program this year – double from last year. With a very limited number of volunteers, eight households have yet to be tended to.

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The city is now calling on volunteers to help them meet the new demand.

“The program is growing,” said Brian Kelln, programs manager of community services with the city.

Currently, the program has 20 volunteers.

Kelln says volunteer numbers have gone down this year, partially due to Snow Angels moving out of town or retiring, and it’s left the program scrambling to find new ones.

“The first year we had eight [requests for snow removal],” he said.

“Last year we didn’t have that many, maybe 14 and we were able to fulfill that. This is the third year going into the program so it’s starting to pick up speed.”

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Kelln suspects demand for Snow Angels is up this year because of the amount of snow the city has received recently. The program has also been better promoted this time around.

Whatever the reason for more requests is, Kelln says it’s important for neighbours to help neighbours.

“The purpose of the program is to build good will among neighbours and giving a helping hand to those who need it in these times,” he said.

“We’re trying to build community spirit and increase volunteers and compassion.”

For more information on the Snow Angels program, visit the city’s website.

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