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St. Patrick’s flea market could be returning to YK in February

The suspicious fire at St. Patrick’s church back in June meant the loss of the Yellowknife flea market; but after nearly 7 months, it looks like it won’t be absent for much longer. 

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Father Marek Pisarek.
Father Marek Pisarek.

The church is planning to move their flea market into a new building on Old Airport Road on January 15 according to Father Marek Pisarek.

“That’s the beginning,” Pisarek said. While the church will be moving to the new location, he doesn’t expect the market to be open until at least February.

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“Now we don’t have any donations to start running the flea market, we just want to open and set up everything and probably (open) in February,” he explained.

Service at the church resumed in July, but the parish hall still needs renovations Pisarek said, something they don’t expect to be done until spring at the earliest.

“For now it still needs renovations, and nothing’s happened,” he said. “We don’t have anything there; it’s just empty space waiting for renovations.”

The new location will only be temporary, and Pisarek says they’re playing it by ear to see if it’s a good fit for the market for the time being.

“We’re trying to place the flea market in the new location and see how it goes,” he said. “Now it’s a temporary solution, and later we’ll know better what to do in the future.”

St. Patrick's flea market

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