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Threats to healthcare to be addressed at public meeting in Yellowknife

Yellowknife, NWT – An important public presentation will be held at the Northern United Place in Yellowknife Wednesday to discuss threats to Canada’s universal healthcare system.

The presentation is part of a national campaign to strengthen and reform Medicare after the Feds announced they would not be renewing the Canada Health Accord, which provided funding and set national standards for improving the system.

Ben MacDonald is with Alternatives North, one of the co-sponsors for the presentation.

“The federal government doesn’t appear to want to provide leadership trying to coordinate progressive activities and providing financial support to healthcare in Canada. The fact that they have not renewed the Accord is just another log on the fire from a general lack of leadership on the part of the Feds.”

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McDonald says a lack of federal leadership will result in fragmented healthcare services.

“As the Feds withdraw from the sector, the services are going to be provided by each province so it might go up or down in one province. Universality and accessibility across provincial jurisdictions are all at risk if the Feds are not at the table and not providing leadership.”

McDonald believes these changes lay way for high-cost and privatized healthcare, which would undermine the Canadian system.

Wednesday’s presentation starts at 7.

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