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Repeat sex offender Bobby Zoe found guilty of break-in, assault

A man has been found guilty of breaking into a Yellowknife home and sexually assaulting a woman last winter.

Bobby Zoe, originally from Gameti, was arrested on February 15, 2015 in connection with a break and enter and sexual assault in the city.

He was later charged with two counts of breaking and entering and committing an offence and one count of failing to comply with a probation order.

Judge R.J McIntosh delivered his verdict Wednesday after questioning Zoe’s testimony.

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Earlier this week, Zoe told the court he was not the person who broke into the downtown apartment, even though one of his gloves and backpack were found in the unit.

During the trial, Zoe maintained he wasn’t wearing gloves on the night of the break-in and that someone had stolen his backpack earlier that night.

However, his testimony didn’t line up with that of his friend – Lawrence Tailbone – who testified that the two were drinking together on February 15 until 2am and that Zoe had left with his backpack.

The judge also questioned why Zoe wouldn’t have worn gloves on a night when temperatures dipped to -35°C with wind chill.

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‘Psychologically damaged’

During the trial, the victim of the sexual assault told the court that the incident left her ‘psychologically damaged.’

When she was awoken by Zoe touching her, she screamed to alert her partner who chased him out of the apartment.

Yellowknife RCMP located Zoe in the early hours of the morning after receiving a call for assistance at 5:26am. His identity was later confirmed by the victim’s partner.

On Wednesday, Crown prosecutor Jeannie Scott cited Zoe’s lengthy criminal record as an example of him failing to take accountability for his actions.

Since 1991, he has 22 convictions to his name, four of which are sexual in nature.

Scott says he’s shown a complete inability to control his sexual impulses, and that everyone he’s preyed on has been female, a stranger to him and vulnerable at the time of attack.

A psychiatric assessment will be conducted before Zoe’s sentencing. He’s not scheduled to make another court appearance until April 19.

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