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Hay River’s newborn goats need baby monitors

A Hay River farm is requesting an unusual donation from local residents as it bids to cope with an influx of baby goats.

Last week, we told you about a surprise surge in the Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI) goat population after the farm discovered goats it purchased last year were pregnant.

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When we first reported on this, nine kids had been born. That total has since risen to 16, with more expected.

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Now, NFTI staff are in need of an extra piece of technology to keep tabs on their goat nursery.

“We’ve been talking and are wondering if anyone has a used baby monitor they would like to sell or give away,” read a post added to the farm’s Facebook page on Monday.

NFTI says the baby monitor would be used “to help with listening during the night for the next few births we are still waiting for”.

If you can help farm staff to hear baby bleats overnight, get in touch with them here.


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