YK veterinarian: smoky conditions also pose health problems for pets

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Yellowknife, NWT – Officials with Great Slave Animal Hospital say they are seeing an influx of pets being brought in with medical complications due to forest fire smoke in the area.

Doctor Tom Pisz with the clinic says pet owners should take extra care when smoke conditions worsen.

“There are the same concerns for pets that there are us. The intensity of forest fire smoke can cause a number of upper respiratory issues and even more so with compromised pets. Animals with cardiovascular or upper respiratory problems are at a greater risk of being admitted to the clinic with health problems.”

Pisz says even healthy pets shouldn’t be over-exerted when air quality conditions worsen.

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He says signs of discomfort to look out for include increased panting, trouble sleeping and excessive grass eating.

Pisz says there appears to be a direct link between wild fire smoke in the area and pets being brought in with upper respiratory issues.

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