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Fibre cut causes TV disruption for Northwestel customers

Northwestel TV customers in Yellowknife and Hay River might not be able to watch some of their favourite programs tonight.

The telecommunications company has experienced a cut to its fibre line between Swift River, British Columbia and Watson Lake, Yukon, though it’s unclear what happened exactly.

According to a company spokesperson, the cut is “causing critical disruptions to all broadband data, long-distance and cellular service in the Yukon, Mackenzie Delta, Nunavut and satellite-served communities in the Northwest Territories.

“Northwestel TV customers will also experience disruptions. We’ve notified both government and emergency services.

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“Personnel are working to repair the damaged line as quickly as possible.”

Customers turning on their TVs may have limited or no channel access and see a message that says “one moment please” followed by the reference code: S0a00.

According to Northwestel’s website, that message will appear when your digital box stops receiving the proper signal required to display a channel. The company says this can occur either on all channels, or just individual ones.

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