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City of Yellowknife Prepares for Spring

The City of Yellowknife has put out a few reminders for the public as we head into warmer Spring days.

Yellowknife has been seeing a steady rise in daily temperatures in the last few days, and melting snow and ice has already begun. The city is advising residents to make sure that snow is cleared off of rooftops and awnings to avoid any injuries of people walking by homes or businesses.

As some snow melts during the day, it will re-freeze during the night, creating slippery conditions. Caution is advised for drivers during the mornings and evenings. It is also recommended that motorists avoid driving in areas where there has been no snow removal, such as alleys and cul-de-sacs.

Many city residents have also been out and about on snowmobiles, so the city has also put out some reminders for the drivers of these unique vehicles.

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While driving through the city, snowmobiles should never exceed 45 km/h, even in 70km/h zones. If there is no posted speed limit, snowmobiles should not go faster than 30km/h. In general, snowmobiles should never go so fast that they cannot safely come to a stop. When driving through hiking trails and other off-road areas, drivers should keep an eye out for hikers, skiers, skaters, and dogsleds.

Helmets are mandatory for all snowmobile drivers, and valid registration and insurance are required when driving within city limits. If you are planning to head out on a longer ride, make sure to dress appropriately and inform friends of where you will be heading.

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