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Winter Road from Fort Smith to Fort Chipewyan Temporarily CLOSED

Travel on the Wood Buffalo National Park winter road is CLOSED to the public until further notice due to overflow on river crossings.

Since early January, water levels have been steadily decreasing on the Peace, Rochers and Quatre Fourches Rivers. Overflow occurs when the ice drops down onto the water, causing water to seep to the surface of the ice. Parks Canada crews are currently assessing the condition of the road and ice bridges and working to make repairs as necessary. Please continue to check back for further updates regarding a re-opening date.

For those travelling through the park via over-snow vehicles, extra caution should be taken when travelling near riverbanks due to the dangers posed by hanging ice. Hanging ice occurs when water levels drop, leaving large pieces of ice that are connected to the shoreline but unsupported by anything underneath. Hanging ice can collapse or shift naturally, leaving some areas impassible, but is also at further risk of collapse when additional weight from vehicles is applied.

Due to a lack of cell service and winter conditions, it is important to be prepared when travelling through Wood Buffalo National Park. Make a trip plan, tell people where you’re going and carry emergency supplies.

UPDATE: The winter road through Wood Buffalo National Park has re-opened, with a 10,000kg weight limit. It is strongly advised that only 4×4 or AWD vehicles use the winter road at this time, as crossings remain very steep.

Colder temperatures overnight helped the overflow issue at the Peace River crossing, and crews were able to flood/freeze the crossing again to make it passable. There is more than a metre of ice on the river, and crews will continue to monitor and repair crossings as needed.
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