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Stanton Foundation Receives $1 Million Donation

The Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation (STHF) is celebrating a remarkable gift and the largest ever personal donation in its history, in the sum of one million dollars, generously donated by long-time Yellowknife residents Albert and Gladys Eggenberger and their family.

On October 10th, 2022, the Eggenberger family contacted the Foundation to discuss a donation. After a short visit, the Executive Director, Patty Olexin-Lang, was informed of the amount. “I was absolutely floored by the one-million-dollar donation,” she said. “You certainly hear about these kinds of donations elsewhere, but never think to hope it would happen here. What an incredible and monumental early Christmas gift for the Foundation and Stanton Territorial Hospital.” Board Chair Kristal Melanson expressed the Foundation’s deepest gratitude to the Eggenberger Family, for their generosity and thoughtfulness during their time of giving. “Truly a historical gift like no other.”

After meeting at the Fairview School of Agriculture in 1951, Albert and Gladys Eggenberger came to Yellowknife 10 years later and made the city their home. Their first business emerged out of a building they constructed with a pool hall in the front and a dairy in the back for the milk delivery. They have been in tourism, owning Prelude Lake Lodge and Raven Tours; they’ve operated an ice cream shop and a gold mine; and they have built and purchased both residential and commercial properties for many years. They currently operate both of Yellowknife’s liquor stores, the original since 1973.

“The Northwest Territories has been very good to us,” said Albert Eggenberger. “Our family has thrived here, and we have watched Yellowknife grow into the city it is today. Volunteering for and giving back to our community, and especially the Foundation, is important to us, as we contribute to a legacy of enhanced services within the Hospital. We are grateful to have such incredible health care accessible when needed.”

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While there are numerous areas the donation will support, the Foundation team and the Eggenberger family have been discussing opportunities around extended care and the kind of infrastructure and equipment needed to enhance patient recovery.

Jennifer Torode, STH COO, said, “The Hospital is extremely thankful for the Eggenberger family’s tremendous generosity. The number of people this incredible gift will touch and the impact it will have on strengthening patient care and expanding program delivery is unparalleled. Their donation puts us much further ahead and gives us the flexibility and freedom to focus on other areas to improve upon much sooner than we thought.”

The family made the choice to make the substantial financial gift in the hope of inspiring others to donate to the Foundation during the holiday season.

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