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Reminder to Respect NWT’s Wildlife

The Northwest Territories has a wide range of wildlife species, and their close proximity to communities can result in contact and potential conflict with people.

Everyone shares the responsibility of ensuring wildlife is not attracted to communities. Not feeding wildlife is an important step in preventing encounters with people. Don’t leave human or pet food where wild animals can access it, and make sure garbage is properly stored.

Many species, once they learn to associate people with food, will return to the same area. An animal that’s accustomed to people can lose their natural fear and respect for people, increasing the odds of aggressive encounters and animals that may have to be dispatched. Eating human food is not healthy for wildlife, and it can cause injury, disease or even death.

Once an animal is accustomed to people, a situation may arise where there is no choice but to move or dispatch them for the protection of the public. Wildlife officers are also land-users and community members who care deeply about the animals that make this territory home. They work hard every day to balance protecting the animals with protecting the people.

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