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Yellowknife Municipal Election Results Are In

The official results of the Yellowknife Municipal Elections are in.

In the run for the Mayor, Rebecca Alty was unopposed in this year’s race, and so she remains in her position.

Well over a dozen individuals ran for positions on the Yellowknife City Council, but only eight seats were available. The final results are as follows:

Rob Warburton, elected with 2,172 votes.

Cat McGurk, elected with 2,132 votes.

Stacie Arden Smith, elected with 2,116 votes.

Tom McLennan, elected with 1,883 votes.

Garett Cochrane, elected with 1,831 votes.

Ryan Fequet, elected with 1,711 votes.

Steve Payne elected with 1,642 votes.

Ben Hendriksen, elected with 1,564 votes

Initial reporting shows that there were 8,190 eligible voters. 3,939 came to the physical polls to cast their vote, which is a voter turnout of approximately 48%.

An additional 3,004 votes were sent in by mail. No automatic recount was triggered in this election, and no candidate has asked for a recount at this time.

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