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Sachs Harbour Water Advisory Has Been Updated

An update has been provided by the Chief Public Health Officer regarding the drinking water advisory for the Sachs Harbour community.

At the momnet, the “Do Not Consume” Advisory is still in affect for the impacted homes and buildings. The Community Government, Municipal and Community Affairs, and Health and Social Services staff have been working to resolve the issue.

The advisory was first issued on March 23rd. Water samples were collected on the 25th for testing, the results of which have since allowed the CPHO to permit the community to resume use of the water source and the water truck for delivery of drinking water in the community.

Community members in affected houses and buildings should continue to obtain drinking water from the hamlet (bottled water or municipal water in the blue refillable water bottles) The Community Government contractor has been working to clean water tanks and plumbing in the affected buildings. If you still smell fuel from the water in your home after cleaning is completed, please contact the community government. Additional flushing of the piping may be needed.

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The affected houses and buildings remain on a Do not Consume Advisory until drinking water samples indicate no fuel in the water in those homes. These samples will be taken in each affected house or building once the cleaning is completed and sampling can be done. An update will be provided when results are received. The Hamlet will notify the affected buildings when the notification is received from Health and Social Services.

Samples cannot all be processed at once, therefore buildings will be prioritized based on risk.

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