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Thursday, March 30, 2023


Crooked Whisker Pet Supplies and True North FM want to help more animals get adopted from the NWTSPCA. This week for Wet Nose Wednesday we are showcasing Linus!

“Linus is a very well-mannered dog that is very chill and laid back. He likes to sleep on the couch or at the foot of the bed on the floor. He’s super gentle taking treats and has no aggression with food in general. He’s very tolerant of being handled and will let you wipe his eyes with no problem and let’s you handle his feet and legs. He knows how to shake a paw(both sides), sit, stay, wait, step up, lay down. He is very strong on the leash and will pull you where he wants to go. He’s a very social cuddle bug but will leave to get his alone time. He loves to dig!! This boy can move snow!!! He doesn’t know what toys are.. but he will come for scratches anytime.”

If you or someone you know would love to bring Linus home email [email protected] or [email protected]

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