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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Child Delivery Services Return to Stanton Territorial Hospital

Child delivery services have finally returned to Stanton Territorial Hospital.

The Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority have made the decision to fully resume delivery services at the Yellowknife hospital for all NWT residents. This is a much more rapid reopening than what was previously announced on January 26th, and has been made possible by an improved staffing outlook through March and April.

The previous plan had been to resume services only for people who were expecting their second or subsequent child, or for planned c-sections. At the moment, only Nunavut residents will continue to have their care transferred to Alberta, though it is expected that they will be welcomed back to Stanton as soon as possible.

The phased approach will continue to allow for an adjustment period as volumes return to normal level. This will ensure safe birthing services are available for all individuals giving birth at Stanton and elsewhere.

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Stanton will continue to work to ensure adequate staffing in this area by exhausting all possible avenues for recruitment, including pursuing indeterminate staff, casual, and agency nurses, and training and development of local staff to gain the skills needed to work in this specialized area.

Going forward Stanton will closely monitor staffing levels. As always, if staffing were to reach a state where safety became a concern services would be adjusted accordingly. Everything possible will be done to avoid further service reductions, but safety remains paramount.

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