RCMP winds down investigation into Hay River high rise fire

Mackenzie Place after March 15th highrise apartment fire, Hay River. Supplied by MyTrueNorthNow.com staff.
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The file is now closed on the NT RCMP Major Crimes Unit investigation of the fire that occurred in the Hay River high-rise on March 15th, 2019.

On March 17th, 2019, the Fire Marshall ‘s office preliminary findings indicated that the fire was not an accident. MCU continued with a criminal investigation.

Although the criminal investigation was lengthy and involved several support services and agencies, it did not yield evidence to support criminal charges.

Cpl Greg Morrow of Major Crimes says while this may not be the news people wanted to hear, it is important to remember that the investigation can be reopened should new evidence come forward.

“The fire greatly affected many people, and we continue to extend our sympathies to them,” adds Morrow.

All 135 people living in the building were evacuated during the fire and the building remains closed to this day.

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