AVENS announces GEMS award winners

A photo from outside the current site for Avens Manor. (Supplied by Avens.)
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AVENS is hosting a ceremony to recognize staff that ‘Go the Extra Mile for Seniors (G.E.M.S)’ as well as celebrating it’s staff who have been working for AVENS for 5, 10 and 20+ years.

Marion LaVigne, Chair of the AVENS Board of Directors says the awards ceremony highlights that the staff perform the most important role in providing day to day quality service and support to residents.

“It provides an opportunity to recognize those contributions made by employees over a significant period of years,” he adds.

The GEMS Awards are split into two categories; the Helping Hands Awards, won by Christine & George Harris, Carrie Vega, Ann Clair Russel, Louise Boettger, Salud Yuvienco and Donamae Hilton & Mark Cuss.

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The winners of the second category, the Shining Star Award are Emily Harman, Gloria Taylor-Vicente, Jessica Ewing, Megan-Tania Jones, Carol Norwegian, Ketty Beaverho, Christine Zamudio, Christian Siguenza, Randie Salaveria and Raymundo Jimenez.

President and CEO of AVENS, Daryl Dolynny says the GEMS awards celebrate employees whose talents and efforts have helped AVENS succeed over the years.

“Together, we take pride in their accomplishments and their commitment to excellence knowing that they have made a difference for seniors in the NWT,” he adds.

The staff members being celebrated at the 5 years ceremony are Fariba Habibi, Xue Hua Chen, Holly Mann, Cecielle Valerio, Mercedes Tuerto, Sarojini Jhankur, Meladine Salaveria, Emily Harman, Milagros Antioquia and Christine Zamudio.

The staff members being celebrated at the 10 years ceremony are Renee Wiseman, Melanya Grigoryan, Alma Jaboneta, Laurence Wilson, Margaret Shatei, Joicy Vincent, Marivic Bray, Natallia Salodkina and Ritah Bumhira.

The staff members being celebrated at the 20+ years ceremony are Vicky Duculan (20 years), Marites Arambulo (20 years), Marites Feria (25 years) and Gena Samardzija (25 years).

The ceremony will be taking place in the Barb Bromley Administration Building on March 10th at 2:00 p.m.

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