Update: Inuvik wildfire now over 300 hectares in size

Fire just outside of Inuvik. Photo from ENR.
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Update: This fire is currently being fought with 4 crews and 1 helicopter. The fire is approximately 95% contained and is currently 320 hectares in size.

The fire was reported near Inuvik on Friday night and is approximately 12 kilometers south of Inuvik. It is currently 254 hectares in size, up from 110 hectares the previous day.

This fire is currently being fought with four crews, two overheads, two helicopters, and one air tanker group. Three additional crews and two overhead were moved to the fire on Sunday.

According to ENR, this fire is reportedly at 80% under control and expected to be 90% under control by the end of the day. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

The Inuvik Fire Department noted that the wind has been favourable, moving the smoke away from the town. This evening the wind has started to shift and the current wind forecast does not indicate that the Town will be exposed, however, that may change.

A smaller fire was also reported earlier that same day, One building was destroyed in the fire. An ENR crew was dispatched to prevent the spread of the fire. This one was 0.97 hectares in size and is now declared out.

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