Hay River; Vale Island-West Channel Evacuation alert

A shot of the river nearby Hay River. (Supplied by Peter Magill.)
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Risk of flood raised an evacuation alert for Vale Island and West Channel in Hay River. 

Town Officials issued an evacuation alert this afternoon (Saturday May 2nd) for Vale Island and West Channel residents. 

There is still no need to evacuate, but should that need rise, an evacuation order would be issued to residents. 

Residents are advised to be prepared to evacuate on short notice due to risk of flooding. 

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Residents who have planned to use RVs for accommodation should now transport these to the Community Centre RV Park or personal arranged private locations off Vale Island.

Residents should also; 

  • Prepare to transport pets
  • Prepare clothing bags, emergency kits, medicines and IDs. 

Further information is located within your delivered Household Preparedness Package or here 

For more information 

  • call 1-833-699-0188 
  • go to facebook.com/Townofhayriver/
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