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PM urges fast passage of aid legislation; says more stringent action may be needed

Another tough talk from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today. Saying “this is serious, do your part,” he asked Canadians to stay home, physically-distance ourselves and again warned snowbirds and returning travellers to go straight home. He said the decisions we make now, today, will directly impact how long these emergency measures will be in place and how long we will have to stay at home in isolation, “We know the duration of this crisis will be determined by the decisions we make now. Stay at home, if you have just returned go home and stay there. Do not buy groceries do not visit your parents or friends.”

He said the Emergencies Act is a last resort but if people don’t start to comply the government will have no choice than to enact more stringent measures. Trudeau says during his call with the Premiers last night they agreed to take a more collaborative approach to coordinate at all levels of government.

Trudeau says today’s emergency session of Parliament will allow the federal government to pass legislation to allow the $82-million in financial aid to reach Canadians “as soon as possible.” Trudeau says he knows people are worried about their health, their jobs, and for those already unemployed how to pay rent or buy groceries. He reassured everyone, no matter your situation the federal government will support every Canadian and that every government department is working around the clock. Trudeau also said that there will be more announcements in the next few days on more support for citizens.

He addressed the Canadians that are still abroad and said that more flights have been arranged to bring them home. More than a million Canadians have already returned and he thanked the frontline crews of airlines, in airports and workers at borders and ports.

There are 2,177 COVID-19 cases in Canada. 25 people have died and 112 people have recovered.

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