Police now treating Hay River man’s 2014 death as homicide

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After receiving “new information”, police in Hay River are now treating the 2014 death of George Milukshuk as homicide.

The 59-year-old died in February last year.

At the time, RCMP in the town decided the circumstances of Milukshuk’s death were not suspicious.

However, in a statement late on Monday, police said new evidence had come to light.

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“New information has come forward, and the circumstances of the death of George Milukshuk are now being re-examined,” said a police statement.

“This death is now being investigated as a homicide.”

RCMP will not divulge the new information they’ve received, nor any details of Milukshuk’s death.

Milukshuk, a former resident of Ptarmigan Crescent, worked for a number of years in the mining industry.

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