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The artists corner: Nicole Loubert inspired by the beautiful North

Art has been a passion for Nicole Loubert for as long as she remembers. Over the years, however, Loubert has been able to develop her unique style and painting techniques at home and has grown immensely as an artist.

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Loubert was born in Québec and spent most of her childhood in Gaspésie where art always been a passion for her. She moved to Yellowknife 27 years ago.

“Our beautiful North is what inspires my landscape paintings, along with my childhood memories of growing up by the Atlantic Ocean,” Loubert said. “I love to paint the soothing sunsets I watched early in the mornings. Fiery reds, burnt oranges, and bright yellows are my favorite colors to work with since they catch the eye, but I use every color that is available to me.”

Loubert says when she was younger, she did not have as many opportunities to practice her painting skills since art supplies were difficult to come by.

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“Now I am able to paint every day in my art studio, and offer classes to the children and adults of our community,” Loubert said. “Although I enjoy many different art forms and mediums, I have come to truly appreciate painting, especially with oils.”

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Loubert says painting allows her to disconnect from the world and to truly be in the moment.

“I’ve witnessed my students experience this many times over the years; how all of their worries can be put on hold while they focus on their masterpieces,” Loubert said. “This is one of the reasons I love to share my love of art with others.”

Every artwork Loubert creates is unique in their own way thanks to the different mixtures of colors that she uses.

“My art clearly expresses the strong love of nature that I have,” Loubert said. “I hope that people enjoy my paintings as much as I love creating them.”

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Loubert’s art clearly expresses the strong love of nature she has. Painting landscapes using especially oil paint is what she prefers. Loubert paints every day and chooses to share what she knows. Loubert has been sharing her passion for art by teaching kids, teenagers and adults of the community.

“I have over 100 paintings created at this point,” Loubert said. ” I keep making more every day.”

Arthur C. Green/Submitted Image

Loubert now sells her artwork online, in person at her studio and at various festivals and craft sales in the Yellowknife region.

This Saturday, November 30 and Saturday, December 7 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Loubert is hosting a Art Exhibition for you Yellowknife.

“Enter a draw to win a $100 certificate towards your favorite piece of art or for art classes,” Loubert said. My Artwork is ready for you to hang on your wall or give to loved ones for Christmas.”

Loubert says come browse over 100 vibrant landscape oil paintings while enjoying refreshments,” Loubert said. “Lots of discount artwork, too, starting at $60.”

Loubert says you can contact her if you would like to visit her studio on an alternate day/time.

The studio is located on 10 Calder Crescent in Yellowknife. (door on the Finlayson side)

[email protected]


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