Big cash prizes for Hand Games tournament

Fort Resolution. Submitted Image
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It’s a game of hiding and guessing. Hand games predate recorded history and a tournament with huge cash prizes is headed your way.

The oral tradition tells us that people originally learned Hand Games from the animals, they are still being played till this day and are very alive within the Deninu Kue First Nation.

From September 6 to 8, the Deninu Kue First Nation will host a hand games tournament and first prize for the winning team is $14,000. The total amount of cash prizes being given to the winning teams is $50,000.

Michelle Calumet Lafferty is a band member with the Deninu Kue First Nation.

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“We are having a 50k hand game tournament it’s being hosted by the Deninu Kue First Nation and that is in Fort Resolution,” Lafferty said.  “We’re doing this in hope of making it an annual event.”

Lafferty says that Fort Resolution is a small community which is trying to regain their culture back.

“There is going to be 50/50 draws held,” Lafferty said.  “Fun bingo and also drum dances.”

Each team will consist of nine players including one alternate player and is open to participants ages 12 and up.

To register please call the Deninu Kue First Nation office at (867) 394-4335 or (867) 394-4336. The registration fee is $1,350 per team and must be paid in cash.

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Registration closes at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6, 2019.

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