Identity of man killed by bear confirmed by coroner

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The NWT Coroner Service confirmed the identity of Julien Nicolas Gauthier as the man who died on August 15th near Tulita as a result of multiple bear attack injuries.

Gauthier, 44 years of age, was a musician and composer who had dual citizenship in both France and Canada.

On his Facebook page before the trip, Gauthier posted with excitement about his upcoming trip with his travel companion, Camille Toscani.

The pair planned to spend 30 days paddling 1,500 kilometres along the Mackenzie River from Fort Providence to Inuvik.

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RCMP first began their investigation as they received an emergency signal from an area near Tulita at around 7:45 a.m. on August 15th.

The signal came from an emergency communications device located south of Tulita, an area only reachable by water or air.

The following day on August 16th, a woman (Toscani) reported her travelling partner (Gauthier) had an encounter with a bear and went missing.

She was later able to make contact with another group that was travelling in the same area. The group activated their emergency communications device and were extracted from the area.

Later that afternoon, police located the body of a yet unidentified Gauthier. He was found deceased.

The Coroner Service is continuing an ongoing investigation with the assistance of the RCMP and Department of ENR.

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