Police investigate break-in at Yellowknife hair salon

A police vehicle parked outside Dimensions Hair Salon at 5121 49th Street. Emelie Peacock photo
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Police are investigating a break-in which may have occurred Wednesday night at a Yellowknife hair salon.

Two forensics officers were investigating the break-in Thursday morning at the Dimensions Hair Salon on 49th Street. Hairstylist Donna Cormier says police told her they arrested an individual Wednesday night who was in possession of Redken hair products. “So then they started checking salons in the morning,” she says. “They checked other salons, eliminated salons and figured it was us.” Police noticed product on the salon floor and called Cormier.

The thief appears to have entered through a back window, smashing the glass on an interior door to get into the main salon area. Cormier says the exact cost of the break-in to the salon isn’t yet clear. She guesses the person made off with a few hundred dollars worth of product, however, no cash is kept on the premises.

“There are tons of little break-ins in town, a lot of them probably (related to drugs),” she says. “Of course you get a bit of a loss, but you’re not going to go through insurance for a few hundred.”

Cormier has been at the current location of the salon – 5121 49th Street – since 2006. In those years there has only been one incident – two years ago a person entering the salon and stealing a cash box during business hours.

MyYellowknifeNow has requested further information from the RCMP.

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