World leaders reflect on D-Day anniversary; Philippines normalizing relationship with Canada

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Prime Minister Trudeau and other world leaders reflect on D-Day anniversary

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the world we live in is only possible because of the sacrifices that Canadian and other Allied soldiers made during the Second World War.

He told a ceremony Thursday marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day that the legacy of those veterans lives in actions taken by their descendents to make the world a better place and ensure its safety. Trudeau said for Canada, that means continuing a legacy of peacekeeping and playing an active role in key security alliances, such as NATO.

Philippines normalizing diplomatic relations with Canada

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The Philippines is slowly normalizing diplomatic relations with Canada now that the trash tiff of 2019 has come to a close.

A senior Philippine government memo states the ban on travel to Canada and on interactions with Canadian officials is over. There is no word yet on a return to Canada of the Philippine ambassador or consuls general.

American and Mexican officials meeting over tariffs

American and Mexican officials are into a second day of meetings to avert import threatened import tariffs.

President Donald Trump is trying to strong-arm Mexico into stemming the flood of Central American migrants at America’s border.

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