Canadian and U.S. officials to meet over tariffs; Canadian killed in floatplane collision won’t be identified

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Foreign Affairs Minister Freeland to meet with U.S. counterpart Wednesday

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland will meet with Trump trade czar Robert Lighthizer in Washington Wednesday where she will push to get punitive steel and aluminum tariffs lifted.

The meeting comes after a pair of telephone calls on consecutive days late last week between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in which they discussed trade. Trump imposed the tariffs almost one year ago under a controversial provision of U.S. law that gives the president that authority on the grounds of national security.

Officials say Canadian killed in floatplane collision won’t be identified

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The name and hometown of the Canadian who died when two floatplanes carrying cruise ship passengers collided in midair is not being released.

An emailed statement from Global Affairs Canada cited privacy reasons. Meantime, four of the 10 people injured were flown from Alaska to a Seattle hospital for treatment.

Environment Minister pushing for Canada to be declared to be in a climate change emergency

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is pushing Parliament to declare that Canada is in a climate change emergency.

Her new motion, which is to be debated Thursday, asks MPs to recommit to meeting and later exceeding the greenhouse-gas-emissions targets made under the Paris climate-change accord.

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