Tentative Agreement reached between NTPC and UNW

UNW members at a February 1st gathering in downtown Yellowknife. (Photo by MyTrueNorthNow.com).
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After the threat of a strike beginning Monday, April 8th, the NTPC and UNW have reached a Tentative Agreement.

Saturday was the last of the two days of mediation between the parties before strike action was due to start. This tentative agreement is subject to final ratification by the parties which will be scheduled in upcoming weeks.

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A joint statement by the NTPC and UNW stated that “After a long day of mediation convened by Mediator Mort Mitchnick, the NTPC and UNW have reached a Tentative Agreement. The parties both thank Mr. Mitchnik for his efforts.

In a communiqué sent to UNW members by the UNW bargaining team, the key achievements of this negotiated deal include:

  • Monetary increases of 8.9% over 6 years
  • Maternity/parental and adoption leave: New provisions to keep pace with legislated changes to Employment Insurance as well as an expansion from 10 weeks to 15 weeks of top up benefits
  • New and additional leave provisions for any member who experiences domestic violence
  • A letter of Understanding that provides for the creation of a joint committee on mental health that will begin working within 90 days of ratification of the agreement
  • Improved job security provisions that will allow for a regular joint assessment of external contracts prior to their expiry with a view to bringing that work in house if appropriate.

Pending the outcome of these ratification meetings, the Union has rescinded its strike notice.

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