Trudeau blasts Wilson-Raybould resignation; Breast implants under review again by Health Canada

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Trudeau criticizes Wilson-Raybould resignation amid SNC-Lavalin controversy

Surprised and disappointed.
This from Justin Trudeau after Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned amid the SNC-Lavalin scandal. The PM says the former Justice Minister should have come forward if she had concerns. Meanwhile, Ottawa’s justice committee will decide on a probe into allegations the PMO pressured Wilson-Raybould to help reach an out of court deal for the Canadian company.

Health Canada reviewing breast implant rules 

Health Canada is re-opening a review of breast implants.
The move comes after CBC and The Star reported on allegations many women are suffering from medical problems, including a rare form of cancer, caused by the implants. Health officials have also warned Canadian women with implants to check in with your doctor if you notice any issues like swelling, pain or a lump.

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Twitter boss criticizes lack of online abuse protection, grades his own company with “C”

Twitter’s CEO is taking aim at all social media companies over online abuse.
Jack Dorsey used his own service to call for more protection on social media against online bullying and security against fake news. And he wasn’t willing to let Twitter off the hook either, giving himself a “C” grade for his company’s lack of oversight.

Canada’s climate could become more like US: report

If you’re wondering what Canada will feel like in the near future, just look south.
A new study suggests if carbon emissions continue to pollute the atmosphere, our climate will become quite similar to that of our American neighbours within a few decades. That means warmer summers and more volatile winter conditions.

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