A Sobering centre, carbon taxes and health highlight 2019 GNWT Budget

The Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. (Photo by MyTrueNorthNow.com staff.)
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The Government of the Northwest Territories has announced how they plan to use your tax dollars. GNWT released their 2019-20 budget with a proposed $1.873 billion spent.GNWT projects $1.933 billion in revenue from the budget which will provide $60 million in operating surplus. Here is a look into how the GNWT plans to spend this year.

GNWT is looking this year to help more with alcoholism and the homeless spending $4.922 million to establish a day shelter and sobering centre, supporting increased income assistance costs and investing in family violence shelters across the NWT. GNWT plans to spend $5.895 million on health services this year enhancing extended health benefits, more rehabilitation for children and adding to the Territorial Midwifery Program.$3.279 million will be going towards different education programs in the north. $2.014 million into supporting seniors and long-term care as well as helping people with disabilities and $1.002 million will be spend on mental health programs.

The GNWT will be spending to help with training, land management, and infrastructure in the budget along with $889,000 spent on arts and culture for the north. The Territorial Government plans to spend $12.5 million on carbon tax rebates and benefits and an additional $8.682 million for low carbon economy initiatives. $5.078 million will be spent on public service compensation and benefits. This includes the implementation of the collective agreement with the NWT Teacher’s Association.

Minister of Finance, Robert C. McLeod says that the 2019 Budget is the 18th Legislative Assembly investing in the vision of a healthy, just, sustainable and prosperous society.

“Working together, this Assembly has navigated a difficult fiscal situation and made the necessary choices to protect front-line services, provide and enhance existing programs, while finding the resources to further the Assembly’s priorities. Budget 2019 positions the GNWT for a successful transition to the 19th Legislative Assembly.”

The 2019 budget is spending an additional $89 million in net spending then the past 2018 budget. Short term borrowing is expected to be $325 million.

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