BEFORE THE BELL: Trade talks, heavy-hitter corporate earnings and economic updates all coming this week

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It’s a busy week for investors to take in, with a lot happening in trade talks, the state of the global economy and earnings reports. Some of the biggest corporate earnings reports in the industry will be coming in this week including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, McDonald’s and others.

The US Federal Reserve will also be giving an indication on its current interest rate and it’s policy moving forward amid fears of a global economic recession.

And, more details may come out about the future of US China trade relations as a high-ranking Beijing official comes to Washington to continue talks that could put an end to the tariff battle between the two countries.

The price of crude is down as investors, once again, worry over a drop in demand from China. US crude is down to 52.76 a barrel.

The Loonie is slipping to 75.54 cents US.

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