Yellowknife library wants to help new year readers

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Is your New Year’s resolution to read more? The Yellowknife Public Library would like to help. The library is promoting their Personalized Reading List program to help those who don’t know what books they might like to read find some new books.

All readers have to do is head online to the city’s website and fill out a form. That will help the library determine books that may interest you. The library will create a PDF of the books that they will email to you. You can then come in for one of the books, or book it online.

Public service librarian Megan Clark says the program can help you find books if you are unsure what book to start with.

“It’s basically a direct line to a librarian giving you reading recommendations at the library. This is based off what you read and loved before and what you read and didn’t love.”

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The program is less than a year old for the Yellowknife Public Library. Since it’s start, Clark says it has been a hit.

“When we first launched it, I got a lot of submissions. I was getting maybe three a week for a while. Since then it became one of our regular things.”

She notes a few friendly interactions she has had with book readers who has used the program.

“I did have one little girl who wanted to read titles in English and French, and I don’t speak French so I had to reach out to some French librarians who helped me with those titles but then we were in a little back and forth for a while. I also had somebody submit it twice. I had someone submit one and get some mystery books before the holidays then they submitted another one later.”


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