BEFORE THE BELL: Trade optimism boosting investor confidence; Crude continues recovery

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Trade optimism is giving more hope to investors today. As US and Chinese officials discuss how to ease the trade war the two countries have been wrapped up in, investors are watching hopefully on the sidelines.

The optimism that a deal can be reached by March even pushed back against another economic warning from a tech giant, when Samsung pulled a similar move to Apple, forecasting a slowdown in profits. However, investors shrugged this off quickly.

The price of crude is getting boosted by positive trade vibes as US oil pushes to 49.13 a barrel.

The Loonie, bolstered by energy gains and speculation of a possible interest rate hike by the Bank of Canada this week, is pushing to 75.30 cents US.

Meanwhile, Stats Can will give a look back at trade impacts in Canada with its November stats this morning. The US will not be releasing its November trade data due to the ongoing government shut down.

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