MID-DAY: TSX seeing some growth with crude increase; Dow pushes as Feds see steady growth in 2019

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A fall in bank stocks is pulling back on the TSX. The Bay Street Index is only up 27 points to 14,169, getting some help from renewed growth in crude. US oil is gaining to 46-43 a barrel.

But, investors have no interest in a positive GDP report for Canada, because it’s two months old, with a lot happening in the economy since. The economy grew about 0.3 per cent to 2.2 with help from goods and services sectors.

This means, the lowly Loonie continues to struggle, falling to 73.93 cents US.

Across the border the Dow is pushing ahead, shrugging off concerns of a US government shut down up 315 points to 23,175. The majority of boost comes from a renewed look at the US 2019 economy from the US Federal Reserve. Central bank officials believe the US economy will see growth in the New Year.

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