MID-DAY: Worrisome investors pull down North American markets, crude on the slide again

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North American markets are feeling the weight of worrisome investors. On Bay Street the TSX is down 22 points to 14,572 and across the border the Dow is down 112 points to 23,988.

The slides come as the US Federal Reserve prepares to meet tomorrow, with analysts expecting another interest rate increase. But, experts are also suggesting the Feds will be pulling back on any future increases as projections point to a slowing of economic growth in 2019.

This has also, once again, hit crude prices as investors worry over demand for crude dropping. US oil is down to 50.63 a barrel.

The Loonie is gaining slightly to 74.71 cents US.

Safe haven gold is growing to 1,246 an ounce.

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