Local group promoting healthy pregnancy campaign

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A healthy pregnancy campaign is bringing its message into Yellowknife liquor stores and bars for the holiday season.

YKACL staff will distribute pregnancy test kits, condoms and alcohol-free mocktail recipes to local establishments that serve or sell alcohol and marijuana on Friday, Dec. 14th, as part of the outreach campaign.

The message of the 2018/2019 YKACL healthy pregnancy campaign is about the importance of making healthy choices and to encourage a healthy pregnancy. The message is represented by the image of a circle of muskoxen and is aimed at moms-to-be and their friends and loved ones.

Vera Nesbitt, Manager of YKACL Family and Children’s Services says that the muskoxen symbol represents YKACL’s message to moms-to-be and their loved ones and peers.

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“Muskoxen protect their babies from danger by forming a circle around the little ones on the tundra: if someone in your social circle is expecting a baby, protect her pregnancy by making healthy choices together.”

Toni Anderson, Co-chair of Moms, Boobs and Babies says that moms-to-be deserve all the support we can give them as a community.

“This is a fun way to share the message that we can best support healthy pregnancy when we all commit to making healthy choices together with our pregnant friends and loved ones.”

YKACL staff have also distributed baby bags that promote a healthy pregnancy for moms-to-be and their friends with help from Moms Boobs and Babies, the Yellowknives Dene First Nation Community Wellness Department, and the GNWT Department of Health and Social Services Northern Women’s health Program / Healthy Pregnancy Group.

An image of muskoxen appears on the baby bags, maternity T-shirt and infant onesies that make up part of the package. The bags also contain information about promoting a healthy pregnancy and healthy infancy.

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