Hay River election results in tie

Hay River's Town Hall. (Photo by MyTrueNorthNow.com staff.)
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The election in Hay River took a wild turn at the final stages. During a recount of the ballets last night, it was determined that the eighth and final seat on council had resulted in a tie between Joseph Melanson and Sandra Lester with a total of 450 votes.

According to the Local Authorities Elections Act, section 75 when there is a tie, a name must get pulled. So, in the presence of both candidates as well as Jeffrey Groenewegen, who finished with 5 more votes than Melanson and Lester, council administrator Stacey Barnes, Deputy Returning Officer Angela Carter and Returning Officer Heather Coackwell, a name was pulled. The name pulled was Joseph Melanson as the final member of the upcoming council.

Melanson will join fellow councillor-elects Steve Anderson, Robert Bouchard, Emily Chambers, Keith Dohey, Linda Duford, Jeffrey Groenewegen, and Brian Willows, as well as mayor-elect Kandis Jameson as the upcoming mayor and council to be sworn in for next term.

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