MID-DAY: Investors still cautious following Syria attacks; oil slowly sliding as US producers take on more drilling

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Investors may be shaking off fears of a US-Russia conflict, but they’re not completely gone. This comes after the US, UK and France fired missiles at Syria following a chemical attack on civilians in the war-torn country. Experts say this was a one-off and is not expected to escalate tensions with Russia, but investors are remaining cautious.

The TSX is up to 15,296 and the Dow is gaining 189 points to 24,549.

The price of oil is sliding to 66.53 a barrel as US producers begin drilling for more crude sources.

The Loonie is up to 79.52 cents ahead of an interest rate decision by the bank of Canada later this week.

Vermilion Energy is buying out Calgary-based Spartan Energy in a deal valued at $1.4 billion. The deal would give investors 0.1476 of a Vermilion share for every Spartan share owned.

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