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‘New Year, New Mines’, TerraX shifts gears into 2018

There is expected be lots of drilling in TerraX Minerals’ 2018.

The mining company is reflecting on the past year and is starting to focus on the year ahead.

CEO Joe Campbell reflected on this past year and shared what is planned for TerraX.

We’ve increased our expenditure every year since we’ve been here,” says Campbell. “Last year we spent $8.5 million and we expect that to go up again. The project is getting fairly mature on the expiration side – we’re starting to outline zones and mineralization and to model them. Once that happens, the amount of drilling you do starts to intensify.

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TerraX recently expanded it’s property within the Yellowknife area. The company added the Ptarmigan Mining site to it’s collection. A few months prior to that, they also purchased what remained of the Burwash Mine.

Campbell said the goal is to take full advantage of both properties.

It’s really sad the legacy the mines have left in the City over the past twenty or so years. We purchased these properties to take advantage of today’s technology to help uncover what is left. Yellowknife was a mining town first and foremost and we hope that identity can be found again.

The Burwash Mine hasn’t been touched in decades and Campbell says the further they’ve looked into that property, the more they’ve found could be uncovered.

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