Hay River SPCA becoming Animal Welfare Society

SPCA Puppers
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The Hay River SPCA is voting to change their name to the Animal Welfare Society.

The town of Hay River will continue to run the shelter while the Animal Welfare Society will raise funds.

“The job of the Hay River Animal Welfare Society is going to be to fundraise for the programs that used to be offered, [like] an emergency fund to help animals in distress,” says Animal Welfare Society Secretary Scott Clouthier. “It’s just going to operate as a society for fundraising purposes basically. We thought there were a few things in [the SPCA bylaws] that we just didn’t agree with going forward.  There was provisions of paying living expenses to board members, which is not something the SPCA or the Hay River Animal Welfare Society should be doing. We’re going to get rid of some of that.”

The board of directors will meet again to change constitutions and bylaws made by the former SPCA.

The next Board of Directors meeting for the Hay River Animal Welfare society is on August 15th.

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