100 Men Who Give a Damn sending over $11K to NWT healing project

From left to right: 100 Men co-founder Garrett Hinchey, A New Day program facilitator William Greenland and 100 Men co-founder Paul Shearme. Photo courtesy: 100 Men Who Give a Damn.
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The Yellowknife chapter of 100 Men Who Give a Damn is giving more than $11,000 to the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre to help the organization run its men’s healing program.

Members of 100 Men Who Give a Damn meet quarterly to determine which local charity they’d like to donate to. The expectation is for members to contribute $100 at each of those meetings.

UPDATE: A New Day not eligible for donations, Northern Youth Leadership receives donation

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Once members agree on a recipient via a vote, all donations are sent to that local non-profit.

In Yellowknife, the group has already donated over $36,000 to charities in its first year of operation. Once the Tree of Peace receives its donation in full, that number could jump as high as $50,000.

On Wednesday night, members voted to support the Tree of Peace’s A New Day men’s healing program.

Mere hours before members voted, the territorial government announced its long-term commitment to the rehabilitative program.

In its inaugural year, the Yellowknife chapter of 100 Men Who Give a Damn has made the following donations:


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