NWTEL adds TV channels for growing Francophone viewership

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Northwestel has added 28 new French language TV channels for Francophone viewers.

The company says the move will allow French-speaking northerners to enjoy more sports, news, music and family programs in the language.

Some of the channels have been added for existing digital and Pulse TV customers as of this week at no extra charge. 17 of them are also available in high definition.

“With a growing francophone community in the North, our customers have been asking for more French-language content in their homes,” said Andrew Anderson, director of communications with Northwestel.

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“We’re proud to play a small part in seeing this important community continue to thrive.”

Northwestel has also added three new French stations to its Stingray Digital music service.

This comes after the company shuffled around TV channels in September to make room for extra sports, movie and nature channels and packages.

To learn more about the new French channels or theme packs, click here.

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