Yellowknife’s Caesar man breaks silence after trip to Thailand

Dave Zettel, 29, of Yellowknife.
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Yellowknife’s most renowned Caesar connoisseur has spoken for the first time since a picture of him serving the popular cocktail in Southeast Asia went viral last week.

Dave Zettel, 29, returned to the NWT capital from a three-week vacation in Thailand over the weekend.

Last week, a man named Tyler Cull shared a picture of Zettel on Facebook posing with all the essential ingredients for a Caesar at a beach bar in Koh Lanta.

The post, which was uploaded to Mott’s Clamato Caesar’s official page, was subsequently shared and liked hundreds of times.

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Within minutes, Cull says someone was able to identify Zettel – who was a complete stranger to him before last week.

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Speaking to Moose FM for the first time since returning from vacation, Zettel admitted to travelling nearly 12,000 kilometers with all the fixings for a Caesar in his suitcase.

“I threw it all in my checked bag,” he said. “When it becomes that magic hour on the beach and the sun’s just right, it calls for a nice Caesar so that’s why I brought it.

“Last year I went to Oktoberfest and I brought a few bottles [of Clamato juice] because I have a Canadian friend over there so I brought him that and maple syrup.

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“But everywhere I travel I bring a couple bottles. You meet a couple Canadians if you’re just sitting at the bar and you have Clamato juice.”

Since Caesars are primarily consumed in Canada, Zettel says it’s nice to bring a little taste of home on vacation with him. He’s also whipped up cocktails in the UK, Italy, Cuba and Mexico.

The 29-year-old says it’s a good way to connect with fellow Canadians and get other nationals to try something new.

“They’ll all come up to you, sit with you and want some and that’s how you meet Canadians and you come out with some pretty funny stories,” he said.

“Sometimes people say they like it when they don’t because I think it’s more of a Canadian acquired taste and other people generally like it.

“I like the people that say, ‘no that’s disgusting’ right away because that’s a good laugh for the other Canadians and it leaves more for us.”

Pictured is the beach bar in Thailand where Zettel served up Caesar cocktails for Canadians and other nationals.
The beach bar in Thailand where Zettel served up Caesar cocktails for Canadians and other nationals.
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