YK old timers host first hockey tournament of new season

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Four teams will be competing in this year’s Great Slave Classic Old Timers Hockey Tournament.

The annual championship is one of the first of the year for the Yellowknife Old Timers Hockey Association.

Prior to competition, a draft will be held to determine the teams. All teams will then be guaranteed four games – three in a round robin and at least one in the playoffs.

“This is the second year in a row that we’ve done this tournament in a draft format,” said Mike Yakabuski, president of the Yellowknife Old Timers Hockey Association.

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“One or two fellows come with a list already prepared and they’re ready to make their picks in the first five seconds while some take time to deliberate.

“This tournament’s really friendly. Everyone has a lot of fun with it and nobody’s too concerned about the scores.”

Men over the age of 35 and women over the age of 19 can take part in the tournament. All games will be played at the Shorty Brown Multiplex Arena between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.

The league’s biggest tournament – the Balsillie Cup – is typically held in late March and early April and attracts up to 24 teams.

This year, there are 13 teams registered in the Yellowknife Old Timers Hockey Association.

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