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Could a pooch pee pebble save your driveway from pee damage?

Originally, the Marriott family wanted to place a hedge at the bottom of their driveway in Yellowknife. 

That was until they realized dogs would probably come along, pee on it and then kill it. So they went back to the drawing board and came with the idea of a pooch pee pebble.

The idea of the pebble is simple: dogs come along and pee on it instead of doing their business on your grass. And since dogs like to pee on pretty much anything, this could go a long way in protecting your lawn.

“We were re-landscaping our front yard and had originally put a hedge there and then my husband thought it wouldn’t last because dogs would pee all over it and kill it,” said Dawna Marriott.

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“The finish on one end of our driveway has been wrecked from dogs peeing on it in the winter so we thought we’d give them something they could pee on and not damage.”

Marriott says the pebble, which was a homemade project, has been received positively by (human) members of the community so far.

A number of dogs have also emptied their bladder on it.

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