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Imperilled Yellowknife downtown goats find new home

Yellowknife’s downtown goats are on the move after a kind-hearted resident and local vet gave them a new home.

The goats, an unexpected and entertaining fixture of downtown life in the ‘Knife, had to leave the care of their former owner – Dwayne Wohlgemuth – as he was no longer able to keep them.

Teresa Michalski, who works in the meat department at the city centre Independent grocery store, offered to take on the goats and raised money to fund their purchase. Local vet Dr Tom Pisz then agreed to keep the goats on his land, just outside town.

On Tuesday, fellow resident Nicole Latour set up an email address – [email protected] – to help Michalski fundraise, in order to offset the cost of acquiring the goats and building their pen.

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“Teresa goes to visit the goats every day, she learned of what was happening and so she purchased the goats herself,” Latour told Moose FM.

“Dr Pisz, out of the goodness of his heart, said he will keep and feed the goats.

“She’s an older lady with limited means,” Latour added. “She’s not plugged in to social media or anything like that and I thought that if the people of Yellowknife knew that the goats were in this sort of predicament, they would help.”

Latour believes the overall cost of acquiring and safely housing the goats was around $2,000.

“If we can get some people with $5 or $10 – or whatever they’re inclined to give – to help rehome these goats, it would be such a blessing for her and her kind act,” she said.

Residents who want to help raise money for the goats can send an email transfer direct to the above email address, or send an email for more information.

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