Yellowknife T-shirt maven picks up award from Calgary’s SAIT

Sarah Erasmus
Sarah Erasmus. Photo: Angela Gzowski
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Erasmus Apparel founder Sarah Erasmus has been named this year’s outstanding young alumnus by Calgary’s SAIT Polytechnic.

Erasmus spent two years studying Digital Graphics Communication at SAIT – the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – and graduated in 2010.

In handing her the award, SAIT said Erasmus had “woven herself right into the fabric” of Yellowknife with her T-shirt emporium celebrating the city’s landmarks and legends.

Erasmus Apparel will reach five years in business this fall, and Erasmus says she has already achieved her dream.

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“I would say so, yep. Absolutely. I love T-shirts,” she told Moose FM.

“I wanted to make stuff I created and something different for everyone else to wear, and I think we’re on our way to achieving that. The biggest challenge we have is keeping people wanting more and getting out those new designs.

“We started off doing T-shirts out of my parents’ house in Ndilo, then the garage, now we have a full-on storefront. If I’m ever bored or need to de-stress, I think of a new T-shirt design and there we go.”

Erasmus is one of two people named SAIT’s outstanding young alumni for 2015. The other is Matt Watterworth, a former film and video production student now described as a “young champion of Calgary’s cinematic scene”.

Erasmus, returning the favour, says “you can’t go wrong” studying at SAIT.

“I had taken quite a few design programs and stuff, so I knew how to do a lot of it already,” she said, “but I didn’t know how to properly do it. There were a lot of moments like: ‘OK, that’s an easier way to do it. That’s the proper way to do it.’

“I definitely recommend SAIT to anyone to get into the trades. It’s a great campus, very friendly, smaller classes and an all-around great experience.”

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